Hi, my name is Elaine Beckland.  I am your current Nameoki Township

I feel the need to clarify some issues being misrepresented by my opponent in a  
recent flier being passed out within the township as part of her campaign.

In her most recent attempt to discredit my performance as the
township's assessor, she is distributing the following information:

Her flier to potential voters reads...

"In 2011 Nameoki Township property was assessed at an average of 40.55%
This assessment was done by the current assessor.
Your property, by law, is supposed to be assessed at 33 1/3%.
The county had to put a negative rate on your bill to bring the
rate down to 33 1/3%"

This is not true.

33 1/3% is the correct assessment figure established by
the State of Illinois.

The figure of 40.55%, as quoted by my opponent in her campaign literature is
inaccurate, totally unsubstantiated, completely misleading and intentionally
intending to give the taxpaying citizens of Nameoki Township the impression that I
have inaccurately assessed their property too high, resulting in the county being  
forced to make adjustments by including a "negative rate" on the tax bills.

In other words, "Elaine Beckland is costing you money by
assessing your property incorrectly.

This is not true.

This figure appears no where, in documentation, nor on the
www.revenue.state.il.us/ web site which publishes the Assessment
Sales Ratio established by the State of Illinois.

The last published rate for Nameoki Township is reported by the State of
Illinois at 33.35%,
NOT 40.55%

How my opponent has arrived at this inaccurate figure is beyond
comprehension, and can only be attributed to misleading the public in
order to win election to this office or clearly displays her complete inability
to comprehend and interpret vital taxing processes as established
not only by the county of Madison, but by the State of Illinois.

Either way, is this the type of behavior or performance you want
in the Assessor's office?

Her flier also says:

"2012 tax year, there were approximately 580 parcels of property that were
protested by the taxpayer.
These properties went before the Board of Review and were lowered.
Also, Madison County Board of Review will be reapplying a negative factor
reducing your taxes due to the current assessor's failure to recognize the over
assessed properties values in Nameoki Township."

This is not true!

The county verified that my opponent was given a Final Value Report which is
published by the County Board of Review, and because she doesn't know how
to read this report and has no knowledge of the assessment process
maintained in the Township, she is spreading incorrect information.

According to the official Board of Review Docket,
there were only 27 residential
hearings that the Board of  Review had to make a determination on in Nameoki
Township for 2012

They send out a docket with dates and times on it to the Assessor's office because
I attend all the hearings on behalf of the township's residents.

The other 553 parcels were adjusted down by me, the Assessor, Elaine Beckland in
Nameoki Township. These parcels included two entire neighborhoods, including the
one where our Township Clerk, Helen Hawkins, resides.

The process is - The books close in July and the local Assessor's office, my office, cannot
make any changes after this time.  

Any adjustments done after this time, require the Assessor to have the
Board of Review make the necessary changes for me. There is a form sent to the Board of
Review from me letting them know what the new value is supposed to be,
and they adjust the value.  

That is the reason these parcels appear on the Final Value Report
published by them.  I have proof of ALL of the changes that were initiated
from my office.

There is no substitute for real experience in this job.

Nameoki Township cannot afford to be faced with an inexperienced Assessor,
especially one so incapable of reading important county generated data.

Your tax bill should not have to suffer through her training period which could easily
cost you hundreds of dollars every year due to her apparent lack of knowledge
for the assessment process.

I also plan to get Nameoki Township into the 21st century by generating  a website
that allows the citizens and tax payers of Nameoki Township access to the  
Assessor's office twenty four hours a day.  There will be forms,
links to assessments, important phone numbers and assistance information, and
much more!

Experience, knowledge, honesty and integrity matter!
Now more than ever.

I am available Monday through Friday until 4:30 pm
to meet with you for any issues with your property taxes.

Not a part time Assessor with a full time job with the
township's highway department.

Please Write in Elaine Beckland for Nameoki Assessor on
April 9, 2013.


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