Date __________________________________

Dear Legislator,

I am writing this in regards to the high Ameren rate increase that is planned to take
place in October 2008.  I simply cannot afford this type of increase.  Not only will this
increase be burdensome during winter, I cannot imagine the expense of using my air
conditioner once summer arrives.  

As your constituent, I am pleading for your attention to this very important problem.


Your Constituent

Name ______________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________________________
Make four (4) copies of the letter below, fill in the date, your name, address
and mail to your legislators.
William R. Haine, Senator 56th District
M-113 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL  62706
Daniel Beiser, Representative District 111
282-S Stratton Building
Springfield, IL  62706
Jay C. Hoffman, Representative District 112
263-S Stratton Building
Springfield, IL  62706
Thomas Holbrook, Rep. District 113
267-S Stratton Building
Springfield, IL  62706
I hope this finds you with warm hearts this Valentine's month.  Of course, if you are
satisfied with the rate increase planned for October, disregard sending these forms.

Paid for as a public service by Helen M. Hawkins, County Board Member, District 16