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Posted by Teri’s Route 66 Diner on Thursday, August 11, 2022


Terri Bonvicino is no stranger to hosting fundraisers for those in need in and around the Granite City community. Thursday, August 11, Teri once again opened her restaurant, Teri’s Route 66 Diner, for a fundraiser to benefit 14 year old Payton who is fighting Synovial Sarcoma Tissue cancer.

Teri donated twenty five percent of sales from breakfast, lunch and dinner to support “Team Payton”. There was live music provided by Matt Miller from 2 pm till 6 pm, an impressive Silent Auction with a huge variety of wonderful items including a Cardinal ticket package, bicycles, designer purse, wreaths by local artist Nina Jackson, a Blackstone Griddle, many, many themed baskets and much more. We are sending prayers and best wishes for Payton, and a heartfelt thank you to Teri, another angel among us in Granite City.

Take a moment to watch a raw video from Thursday’s event.

The King and Queen of Backpacks?

Walking among us, right here in our little steel town, is a real live king.  Maybe not actual royalty, but he is close enough to have undoubtedly earned the nickname.  He’s known as “The King”, “King David”, or more formally as “King David Ryan, Jr.”. 

How, you may ask, did he earn the moniker “The King”?  In a nutshell, after a Friday lunch with co-workers at Burger King, one of them dared David to wear the Burger King crown he had put on his head for the remainder of his shift.  David accepted the dare, and the rest is history.

What is much less known about King David is he possesses a loving and giving heart of gold.  What started out with refurbishing unwanted broken bicycles for neighborhood children who did not have one, eventually morphed into filling new backpacks full of school supplies for children whose families needed a little help preparing them for the new school year.

David began this mission in 2018 and has continued giving backpacks full of grade appropriate supplies to those in need ever since.  While the pandemic stopped in-school learning, David didn’t stop preparing for the eventual return of students to the classroom.  He took that time to build and replenish his stockpile of supplies and backpacks so he would be prepared when the time came.  Before this school year has even started, David has filled and given over one hundred and twenty backpacks to children, all through word of mouth.

His generosity has helped families with food when they have found themselves in a tight spot financially.  His many friends, family, bar and pool buddies pitch in to keep his mission going year after year.  The children he helps are referred to as “King’s Kids” by those who help him to help others.

In 2017 King David married his Queen, Tara, and of course, he wore a golden jeweled crown.  To help in the celebration of their wedding, King David distributed two hundred and fifty Burger King crowns to his family and guests at the reception.  It was an awesome sight to behold.

When I asked him why he does this, he told me, “I really hope the kids will remember this and will want to give and help people also when they grow up. I love helping people out and just want to spread the love, and if everyone would be a little more understanding and want to help one another rather than be quick to look down on someone in a rough patch it’d be a much better world to live in.”

David Ryan was born, raised and continues to live in Granite City.  We are proud to know there are angels among us who are so committed to taking care of “King’s Kids”.  We thank you King David and Queen Tara.

Since the time of this publication, King David has given out an additional forty-four back packs. Amazing!

Royals Liquor Has Settled into Granite City and Is Open for Business

The new Royals Liquor store, located at 3102 Nameoki Road in Granite City has turned on the open sign and is now welcoming new customers. The business has brought life back into an empty building that once housed Block Buster Video. The glow of the neon lights is an attractive addition that brightens the area. The store will be a convenient location to buy Beer, Wine and Spirits without the long lines that you often find in a supermarket.

Party At the Beach 2022 is a Labor of Love

Michael Pagano, Mayor of Pontoon Beach Illinois had the vision and the passion to bring an idea to fruition. The mayor has a lifelong history in the entertainment field. In his early beginnings of the 80’s long curly hair styles and leather pants, he was a member of several area local bands.

Now, decades later his talent hasn’t yet began to fade. He often has a calendar with a full schedule of performances booked around the metro east area.

The mayor surrounded himself with a dedicated team of council and committee members that set-in motion the planning of a summer music festival for the village of Pontoon Beach that would draw crowds from all surrounding areas.

The Party At the Beach not only has great musicians and bands lined up, but there will also be a carnival and several other attractions.

The Party At the Beach is held at Randall D. Dalton Veteran’s Park starting at 4 p.m. Friday, Aug. 5 and runs through Saturday, Aug. 6. On Friday, listen to special guest BUMP a rock show at 7 p.m., followed by a performance at 9 p.m. by Freebird USA (music of Lynyrd Skynyrd). Then on Saturday, tune in to special guest band The Outlaws at 7 p.m. and Randy Houser at 9 p.m.

US Steel Plans Family Day and Employees and the Local Union Says Not So Fast

Not soon after US Steel announced the devastating news that the future of the Steel Mill was in question and plans were in the works to close the doors of the long-standing business, the groundwork was being laid to move forward with what US Steel refers to as Family Day. Family Day is when the mill opens its doors for the employees and their families to enjoy food, drink and tours of the plant, along with a variety of activities.

Employees and their families are having a hard time being in a celebratory mood knowing that hard times may lie ahead. If the facility decides to close, 1000 plus jobs will be lost. Some area employees have said “ I’m not going. I can’t go to or support a family day of a company that just a couple days ago told 1000+ steelworkers that they are closing the mill.”

Another local resident stated, “Nice, let’s have family day then put the hurts to the same families.” and yet, another said “Last time they had family day they laid most (over 1000) workers off for Christmas. Yep, that was US Steel’s Christmas present to their workers (pink slips)!!”

The Local Union has since sent out a letter of invitation, inviting these same employees and their families to attend a “Family Day” of their own.

Giving Back to the Community

Did you know that every new patient examination fee of $25.00 has been going into the donation fund at Darin Chiropractic? These funds are being donated to someone or some cause in the community. Granite City is both lucky and proud to have such a caring business and staff in the heart of the town.

Cedarhurst of Granite City expands with memory care units

Jill Moon, “The Telegraph”

Granite City Mayor Mike Parkinson, second from left, and guests, including the Dover Companies CEO Joshua Jennings, second from right, listen to the the Dover Companies CFO Stephen Wertman speak at a ribbon cutting for Cedarhurst of Granite City’s 24 brand-new memory care units.

There are 24 brand-new memory care units open in the city.

Cedarhurst of Granite City, 3450 Village Lane, showed off its brand new 24 memory care units Tuesday.

Granite City Mayor Mike Parkinson, the Chamber of Commerce and other community representatives took a tour of Cedarhurst of Granite City’s latest addition.
“We are thrilled to officially unveil the work we have put into making Cedarhurst of Granite City even better for our residents and community,” said Executive Director Cindy Woods. “Cedarhurst of Granite City is now officially among the nearly 40 Cedarhurst communities which offer memory care. The fact that we are able to extend our level of care capabilities with this newly renovated building is so exciting and brings us so much joy.”

Cedarhurst of Granite City opened in 2019. Other Cedarhurst senior communities in Madison County include Bethalto,
Troy and Highland.

“The addition of this memory care extension means we can continue to grow our community while fulfilling our mission of creating homes where each person feels loved, valued, supported, and able to live life to the fullest,” Woods said.

The Best Days of August from the Farmer’s Almanac

Find out when to start a diet to lose weight, cut hair to increase growth, plant vegetables, quit smoking, lose weight, wean, mow grass to slow growth, and more activities, based on the Moon’s sign.


A View From the Other Side

The Chain of Rocks Bridge has been a part of St. Louis history for nearly 100 years and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. As one might expect with such a designation, there’s a lot of history about this bridge, as well as the surrounding area.

There’s a lot we can talk about, so let’s dive right in!

History of the area. The Chain of Rocks Bridge is located 12 miles north of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. 

The bridge was named after a formation within the Mississippi River known as the ‘chain of rocks’. Just south of the bridge is a stretch of rocky rapids that made this segment of the river difficult to navigate. The rapids were formed during the last ice age, when the river changed course, flowing over a ledge of limestone that hadn’t eroded to the level of the rest of the river. 

The area is also marked by three islands: Chouteau Island, Gabaret Island, and Mosenthein Island which combined make up 5,500 acres.  Although Gabaret Island and Mosenthein are naturally occurring, Chouteau Island was created during the construction of the Chain of Rocks Canal.

Many people lived on Chouteau Island in the past, but some were forced off the island due to flooding in the 1970s. Those who remained had to abandon their homes after historic flooding in 1993. Nowadays, the land around the Chain of Rocks, and the entirety of the other two islands, provides wildlife habitat and flood storage and is managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 

For more facinating details and history of the area around the Chain of Rocks Bridge and the Chain of Rocks Amusement Park, continue reading here….

The Historic Six Mile Museum and Community Garden

If you’ve never walked the grounds of the Six Mile Museum and Community Garden you need to add it to your to-do list. The museum and garden are maintained by volunteers who donate their time and labor to raise funds all going toward the upkeep of the property.

July brings the opening of the Community Garden produce stand, where the hard work of volunteers is rewarded with a bounty of fresh home grown produce. The first to hit the shelves are ripe heads of cabbage along with garlic plants. Thursday, July 14th the shelves will be stocked with fresh corn from Relleke Farm.

You will also find beehives on the property and plenty of local raw honey for sale. Shortly the garden will be providing red ripe tomatoes along with a varitey of peppers among other garden-fresh veggies. The museum and garden are operated by volunteers and made possible through donations. For more information visit the Old Six Mile Historical Society.

Justus & the Experience Competing in Opening Act Music Competition

GRANITE CITY – Dean Justus is a musician from Granite City who is competing to win $10,000 and the chance to be the opening act at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles later this year. Justus, who writes original songs, sings and plays the ukulele under the name Justus & the Experience, is currently ranked fourth in his group in the Opening Act competition.

With just over nine days of voting left, you can cast a vote every day for Justus & the Experience on the Opening Act website before voting closes on the 21st.

Justus doesn’t confine his musical style into any one genre, but says it mostly sounds like American folk with elements of other musical styles in different songs.

“It’s going to have good lyrics, songwriting, good storytelling,” Justus said. “You won’t hear anything else out there like it. Nobody plays the style I do, nobody plays the uke like I do.”

You can listen to some of his music on YouTube, where he can be seen performing live in concert and playing the ukulele while riding a unicycle. Justus said his upcoming album is nearly complete and should be available on music streaming platforms including Spotify in the next couple of months.

The winner of the Opening Act competition will receive the grand prize of $10,000, and they will be the opening act at Audacy’s annual Hollywood Bowl Concert – while the lineup for this year’s concert has yet to be announced, last year’s winner opened for Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Doja Cat, Kid Laroi and Shawn Mendes. Read more…

Lisa’s Dairy Bar in Granite City Receive Gifts From Area Mayors

Granite City Mayor Mike Parkinson along with the Village of Pontoon Beach Mayor Michael Pagano recently replaced some items that came up missing from the Dairy Bar property. Lisa’s Dairy Bar on Nameoki Road recently changed hands after decades of the ice cream shop being ran by Lisa Thompson. Garner Perigo, the eldest grandchild of Lisa, purchased the business and shortly began giving the building and grounds a facelift. Garner painted the building in fresh fun colors and added an outdoor seating area. After some items from the outdoor area went missing, both Mayors, after learning the news, stepped up to replace the missing items. Granite City and the Village of Pontoon Beach residents are proud to have such civic minded leadership.

“We love this community and wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. This only motivates us to work harder to make our shop the best it can be for all of you.” Said Garner Perigo.

Lisa’s Dairy Bar, located at 2673 East 28th and Nameoki Road is open 7 days a week from noon to 9pm. The shop offers all the classic ice cream treats, as well as, a large variety of specialty treats. Don’t forget to bring the dog for a Pup Cup!

Madison County Recorder’s Office offers fraud prevention to assist property owners

“Property fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime and the Madison County’s recorder’s office is offering a free program — Property Fraud Alert — notifying property owners when land documents are recorded in their name.”

“Property owners should always be on alert for potential recording fraud against their properties,” County Clerk/Recorder Debbie Ming Mendoza’s said. “Fraudulent activity by bad actors happens right here in Madison County. We’ve seen people impeded in the sale of their home due to unknown liens on their property. “We’ve also seen fraudulent quit claim deeds filed.” Most recordings are for legitimate reasons such as obtaining a mortgage, paying off a mortgage, refinancing, or filing a lien (an unpaid judgment) against a property owner, there are also fraudulent ones.

Scammers who focus on property fraud create paperwork, which “proves” their ownership of the property. The falsified documents allow them to sell the property, take out a mortgage or home repair loan, or use your property for other financial gain. Banks and counties have no way of knowing this activity is not authorized.

Ming-Mendoza said the Recorder’s Office is participating in the program to assist home and business owners. “Property owners in Madison County who participate in the program are notified by text and/or email when a document with their registered name is recorded,” Ming-Mendoza said. “A call
can then be made to our office to be researched. If the recording is not legitimate, it is then up to the property owner to contact their police department to begin resolution.”


A Shining Example of a Big Heart Makes our Community Proud

The soaring temperatures and heat warnings didn’t deter Maddy Faye from her July 4th goal. Maddy braved the weather to set up her Lemonade stand at the corner of Maryville and Lynch. Customers were not in short supply, even one of Granite City’s first reponders Officer Penny stopped and bought some lemonade.

The proceeds of the Lemonade stand were part of the ongoing local support to benefit retired Granite City High School Teacher/ Legendary GCHS Wrestling Coach Allen Kirgan. Great job Maddy!

Horror Film Shot in Alton and Granite City

Granite City filmmaker Colton Crawford has another short film underway with scenes shot in their hometown and in Alton.

“Under the Setting Moon” is a short horror film that soon will be in post production for about a month, then distributed and entered into film festivals across the nation, Crawford said. The short was shot in Lenny’s Bar in Granite City and in Alton on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, as well as other locations. You might spot someone you know in the film, as so many people applied as extras through Facebook and word of mouth.

“Under the Setting Moon” is about a young trans woman who loses the love of her life unexpectedly. Struck with grief, she is willing to do anything to get him back, even if it means conjuring up the devil to do so.

“She and her girlfriends play around in black magic to try to bring him back. This is part of the collection of Colton Crawford’s Classics,” Crawford said. “Right now, I’m working on a, kind of, new art by mimicking classic cinematography, like ‘Gone With The Wind.'” Read more…

Historical Downtown Granite City at Night

Once the sun goes down and the stars come out, the traffic all but comes to a stop in the downtown streets and the silence of the night settles over the city. Time slows down and it’s a great time to take in the surroundings with more attention than just a passing glance.

The grand architecture of some original buildings reflects a period in time when our ancestors were born and raised. Now, we can only imagine a young Granite City when the busy downtown sidewalks were the entry way to store fronts and businesses of all kinds.

Read more local news


Join the Fun and Attend the Granite City Labor Day Parade!

The parade will take place Monday, September 5, 2022, and will begin at 10:00 am downtown Granite City. The parade route begins at State Street and Niedringhaus and will end at Wilson Park.

It’s back! The MHC September Fiesta date has been set.

Join us downtown in historic Lincoln Place on Saturday, September 10th, 2022 for live music, local vendors, and great food!

If you are interested in being a vendor at this event, please contact Alex at 618-709-3824. All types of vendors are welcome!

Movies Under the Stars Is Back in Swing For the 2022 Season

Grab your blanket and your snacks and settle in for a fun evening because Movie Under the Stars is back in season! Join us on Sykes Field, the movie starts at dusk. Hope to see you all there!

Ward 4 Alderman Brad Eavenson Recaps the August 2, 2022 Council Meeting

Downtown Committee: The council approved reimbursement for projects completed at the Six Mile Library and Daylight Donuts. These were both grants issued from our downtown TIF funds. The council also officially adopted the new city seal.

Public Works: The bid for Phase 2 of the catch basin repair/replacement projects was approved and awarded to Kammadulski Excavating Inc. in the amount of $210,886. Funding is from the American Recovery Plan Act.

The council also approved several handicapped parking sign requests at various residences.

Risk Management: The council approved renewal of the city’s commercial automobile physical damage insurance coverage in the amount of $38,773. This was an increase from last year largely due to the new equipment we purchased in the Public Works Department.

The council also approved an ordinance to purchase cyber insurance to protect our internal network systems.

Finance: The council amended the 2022-2023 budget to include the revenue and expenditures from the federal grants received.

R-Church 3375 Fehling Road, Sunday June 5th starts 13 weeks of summer fun for Rkids! Every child that gets checked in Sunday morning into the Rkids area will have extra fun activities each week of summer! Don’t forget to sign up for weekly texts to stay up to date on all that happens each week with R kids and R youth! Text RNextGen to 97000 or for more information call 618-709-7188




Welcome My Beautiful Friends
Who Is the POTUS?

I’m calling it as I see it….Biden doesn’t have Covid. 
He doesn’t have cancer. 
HE HAS DEMENTIA!  Elderly abuse at its finest! 

10 Symptoms of Dementia:

1. Word-finding difficulty: One may be able to compensate by using synonyms or defining the word:
*Biden makes up people, words, and stories (Corn-Pop, Roosevelt)
*Biden botched the US Declaration of Independence.  “You know…. you know that thing.”
*Biden cannot keep a train of thought.  He mumbles words and makes up memories.
*Biden, “By the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it’d get hot. I got a lot of — I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again.”

2. Forgetting names, appointments, or whether or not the person has done something; losing things 
*Biden turns to sister “this is my wife.”
*Biden, “I keep forgetting I’m the President.”
*Biden’s confused about where he is going and where he is, consistently looking for guidance.

3. Difficulty performing familiar tasks: Driving, cooking a meal, household chores, managing personal finances 
*Biden, “I’m Biden, and I’m running for the Senate.”
*. Biden, “President Harris and I…” 
*Biden needs cue cards to tell him where to sit. 
*Biden literally reads the teleprompter directions aloud.  Biden, “repeat the line.” 
*In yesterday’s Climate Speech, Biden states he and many others have cancer from poor climate areas.
*Biden falls up the steps of his plane and off his bike.
4. Personality changes (sociable person becomes withdrawn or a quiet person is coarse and silly
*Biden being pulled away from crowd by Easter Bunny.
*Bidens family keeps him away from speeches, conferences, and media.

5. Uncharacteristic behavior.  Mood swings, often with brief periods of anger or rage 
*Biden, “Come on man.”
*Biden, “lying dog faced pony solider.”
*Biden, “You got more questions?” he flared. “Well, I’m telling you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”
*Biden, “You’re a damn liar, man.” 
*Biden calls Peter Doocy “Stupid son of a b%$@.”
Read More….

Please send comments and questions for Dr. Miller to To read archived articles and responses click here.


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