2012 Winning Patriots In the Park Essay
This Land is Your Land
Jessica Williams

Born in wilderness and war, our America stands today as one of the foremost
leaders in the entire world.  Her freedom, her strength, and her varied landscapes are
representative of her people.

Our America allows us to be free.  As her people, we can create ourselves in any
fashion we choose.  We can, as young adults, walk any of  thousand paths that we set
our minds and hearts to.

Hundreds of years ago, people from all over the world bled through their own borders and
spilled into America's untamed wilderness.  Since those times, her people have blended as
one and fought with unsurpassed wisdom and strength to stand among the elder countries
that stood before America.

The varied population of our America, suits her varied population.  From our majestic
peaks to our frantic rivers, our land stretches out through almost every climate.  
Very little of America's people are descendants of those native to this land. We stand
as on versatile, blended, and strong country.

Our America is the land of all who have fought to live here.  We are a truly free people who
are impossible to defeat when we stand as one.  This land belongs to us all.  
This is our America.