I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

Submitted by E. J. H.

The other day I decided to go to Wal-Mart.  I headed that way on Route 3.  
As I rounded the curve towards the store, I passed the farm field on my
right.  In the farmer's field, it looked like something, actual several things
were all over the field.  It was the strangest thing I ever saw.
There was stuff hanging in the few trees in that area, and stuff blowing all
over the place.  Once I turned into Wal-Mart's entrance, I decided to drive
down the outer road a ways, just to take a look at what I was seeing from
the highway.  Well, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Here are a few pictures.

There had to be a thousand plastic Wal-Mart bags scattered over this field.  
The picture does not do it justice.  As odd as the bags all over the field
was, it paled (almost) in comparison to the trash in the ditch next to the strip
of stores directly on Route 3 in front of Wal-Mart.

As a resident of Granite City, I was appalled that this mess was allowed to
occur, with no apparent plans for it to be cleaned up.

My guess is that the people who own these stores are not Granite City
residents, and don't have much investment in the appearance of our city.  
But this is ridiculous!  The Wal-Mart manager should be responsible for the
clean up of all of these bags which have blown all over the place.  I can't
imagine the farmer who owns this field being all right with this mess.  And
whoever owns the property where Aaron's, Quizno's, etc. resides, should
be held accountable for the trash in this ditch.

You really need to drive by and take a look.  You won't believe your eyes.
Thank you for listening.