An Email to Senator Emil Jones
Senate President in the 95th General Assembly of Illinois
submitted by
Concerned Granite City Citizen

Dear Honorable Senator Emil Jones,

I am writing on behalf of my widowed mother, my widowed
grandmothers and every other person in the state of Illinois who
live on fixed incomes.  I, and most, understand that the cost of
living must increase, and that Ameren is a business who must
increase their rates accordingly.  However, the blatant lies they
spewed through every conceivable form of media regarding their
forecasted increase, should not be overlooked.  According to
their website and correspondence to customers, the average
customer's increase would be approximately thirty dollars.  Their
words, verbatim.

Now come the actual bills reflecting the actual increases and I
think anyone would be hard pressed to find anyone who's bill
reflects an increase of only thirty dollars.  They lied, they are
being called on it, and we all hope you view this through the
common people's eyes and act accordingly.

I am not one of your constituents, I cannot vote or not vote for
you, however, you are in a position to allow this continued
financial rape by Ameren to continue, or you can put a stop to
it.   I pray your conscience will prevail in this issue, and that you
do the right thing.

A lot of folks are now realizing the part campaign contributions
from Ameren have played in this entire fiasco.  You're at the top
of the list Mr. Jones.  Please right the wrongs Ameren has
committed, you just might be surprised what support you will
realize from the citizens of Illinois, both financial and politically.

Thank you.

Anyone else who might be interested in emailing
Senator Emil Jones,
you can contact him at this email address