submitted by
Linda Coad

According to Wikipedia (google) choice consists of the "mental process of thinking"
involved with the process of "judging" the merits of multiple "options" and "selecting"
one of them for action.

There are religious choices, moral choices, political choices, legal choices, and
personal choices to be made every day. Whether my choice agrees with your choice or
not, it is my choice to make. The only choice you have regarding my choice is to know,
in your mind, that my choice was made with a clear mind and a clear conscience.
Knowing that I made the best descision for me that I could make at that given time.

If I choose to shop at Shop N Save and you choose to shop at Schnucks----it's a matter
of choice. If I choose to send my children to public schools and you opt for private
schools---it's a matter of choice. If I choose to be agnostic (no religion) and you choose
to go to  the church of "your choice", it's a matter of choice. If I choose to vote A straight
Democrat ticket, and you choose to vote Republican----it's a matter of choice. Personal
decisions that are made every day in ones personal life, has nothing to do with another
person's personal life. The MYOB rule goes into effect there. You are entitled to your
opinion on their personal choices, but that puts you in the precarious position of being a
nosey busybody. That's another subject for another day.

The only choice I can see that you would have is----if you don't agree with another
person's "personal choices" is to quietly, go in your closet, and pray for guidance. The
guidance for you to be able to accept the other person's "personal choice."