Happy September Granite City!
Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school and before we know it, Halloween will be here.
Remember The Melting Pot Market is Saturday, September 11 from 8am to Noon, you don't want to
miss it!  
We hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend, and don't forget to head
down to the Granite City Cinema and support our hometown's newest contribution to the Downtown
Revitalization efforts.  Also, Welcome to the Complex, Granite City's new Youth Center!
There are a lot of good things happening - it's September in Granite City!
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The morning of Monday, November 2, 1925,
dawned chilly and quite foggy in Granite City,
Illinois, a suburb outside of St. Louis, MO.
Roy Griffin awoke before dawn, put on the
round, gold-trimmed spectacles that barely
covered his most dramatic facial feature, the
large, gentle brown eyes that conveyed a
kind compassion that endeared him to all. He
arose from his warm bed and got ready for
work, putting on his clean and freshly pressed
dark wool uniform, then heading to the
bathroom to brush his teeth and hair. There
was no longer much dark brown hair to brush,
but that didn't bother him. He was still fit and
trim and had an easy smile that made him look
a full decade younger than his almost-39
Once he was groomed and ready to go, Roy headed to the cheery kitchen at
the back of the two-story, bungalow-style house for his workday ritual of
morning coffee with his wife, Nora. The childless couple spent every morning
together at the table like this, possibly reading the paper, talking about the day's
events, or exchanging the latest gossip about Mr. So-and-So, the crazy
neighbor down the block. This morning time together was the nicest part of the
day for both of them, but it didn't last long, for just as the sun dawned on the
horizon, Roy gathered his lunchbox, kissed Nora goodbye, and headed out the
front door to work.

As he closed the door to the warm house behind him, Roy got his first rush of
cold, fall air, and he pulled up the navy blue collar on his uniform as he quickly
made his way to the Alton, Granite & St. Louis Traction Company station, where
he had worked for the last 17 years as a streetcar motorman. He liked his job
piloting the modern Birney streetcar on the "Red Line" route between Alton and
St. Louis, even on gloomy, fog-filled mornings like today. It sure beat working in
an office or factory like some of his seven siblings did or slaving away on a farm
that barely produced enough to support a family, as his father had done.

Upon his arrival at the station at 7:00 a.m., Roy cheerfully greeted his fellow
workers, many of whom, like him, belonged to the Triple Lodge No. 835 of the
A.F. & A.M. (Free Masons), where Roy was Senior Warden. After placing a
few more logs in the potbelly stove ....
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Roy Griffen
c. 1923
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