SMRLD Eliminates Overdue Fines on Children’s Materials

Granite City – Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Beginning December 1st, the Six Mile Regional Library District will no longer charge fines for overdue materials
from the children’s departments at both library locations.

The decision to eliminate late fines on children’s materials is meant to remove barriers from children having
access to library services that are denied with overdue fines.  There will continue to be due dates and customers
will still need to renew items that they cannot return by the due date.  Children’s materials will nevertheless need to
be returned to the library.  If thirty days goes by and items are not returned or renewed, and notices are ignored,
customers will then receive a bill from the library.  This is nothing new.

What is new is that the Library will no longer charge ten cents per day for overdue books or $1.00 per day for
overdue videos from the children’s departments.  When items are returned in a timely fashion, as expected and
agreed upon when registering for a library card, all is good.  However, customers with long overdue items will not
be able to check out additional materials until those items have been returned or until the lost item fee has been

The library will also forgive any outstanding overdue fines incurred prior to the new policy for overdue items from
the children’s departments.  Charges for lost or damaged books remain in effect and will continue to be collected.  
But fines for bringing children’s materials back late will be forgiven.

This new policy applies to items from only the children’s departments at both library locations.

Our mission:  The Library makes a significant difference in the everyday lives of the people, institutions, and
communities of Granite City, Mitchell, and Pontoon Beach by listening, understanding, and then transforming
needs into proactive library services.

For more information, call (618) 452-6238.
Contacts:    Juliette Douglas, Deputy Director (618) 452-6238 ext. 782

                 Tina Hubert, Executive Director (618) 452-6238 ext. 781