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Finally, everyone has gotten their wish, we have
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The last Melting Pot Market of the season is this month
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Are you old enough to remember "The Castle"?
"Located off state highway 111, between Edwardsville and Hartford, the place
was called the Castle, and was built in 1897 by a hopeless French romantic for
his wife. The castle was a 14 room mansion, the entire property was surrounded
by a moat that had been stocked with exotic fish. In the early 1900's the
Frenchman's wife died and he lost interest in the property and returned to
France. Since then the place has been a speak easy, a resort, a military school
and even a home for pregnant unwed mothers. In the 1960's a couple from
Woodriver purchased the property and had grand plans. Shortly after buying the
place the couple became sick and the husband passed away. The wife moved
into a more modest place and let the property fall into total dismay. It became a
teenage party house and was wrecked by vandals, only to be totally destroyed
when a fire was started in March of 1973. Today there is only remnants of the
fountains, statuary, gazebos and bridges that surrounded the property."

Click here for additional pictures and more history about "The Castle".
An article from "Haunted Alton" highlights "The Castle",
click to read.
RESTORATION CHURCH . 3375 Fehling Road
A Historical Granite City Story

"Shot Nine Times and Killed by Prohibition Enforcement Officer"

Luka Vukovic, 37 years old, of 1327 G Street, Madison, was shot nine times and killed by S. Glenn Young, a prohibition enforcement
officer, when Vukovic resisted a raid on his home Saturday night. Young, with Walter Cowgill and E. J. Tieney of the Granite City police
force, had learned that Vukovic was making liquor and storing it in the home of his cousin, Mike Sever, 1325 G street. At this address
they found a still and a quantity of liquor, which they confiscated, and then proceeded next door. Peeping through a rear window, the
officers saw Vukovic drinking some liquor out of a milk bottle, and knocked on the door demanding admission. Eliciting no response,
the raiders went to the front door, which they broke in when the occupant refused to open it. They found Vukovic in bed.  A trap door
was discovered leading to the cellar, where a 20 gallon keg, nearly filled with raisin whisky, was found. Young commanded Vukovic to
remain in sight while the officers carried the whisky upstairs. Vukovic stood in the doorway a moment, and then disappeared, to return
with a revolver he pointed at the policeman and pulled the trigger. The weapon failed to go off, and Young emptied his revolver at
Vukovic, who ran to the rear of the porch. Gowgill followed him, but was knocked down by a blow on the head. Young took up the
pursuit and fired three shots from a second revolver, at which Vukovic fell dead. All nine bullets had entered his body, two in the chest,
one in the neck, wrist, right shoulder, each hip, left temple, abdomen, and right leg. A jury called by Coroner Joseph Krill returned a
verdict of justifiable homicide. Vukovic will be buried in St. Mark's Cemetery, Granite City, Monday afternoon.
Source:  The Alton Evening Telegraph, November 8, 1920 / Edited for correct spelling of formal name

After a little research, we found the following information about Luka Vukovic
Mr. Vukovic was born October 18, 1883 in Austria.  His nationality was Austria Croation.  His point of departure to the United States was Glasgow,
Scotland aboard the "Athenia".  He arrived in Quebec, Canada on November 9, 1909.  After living for several years in Canada, Mr. Vukovic entered
the United States through Sault St.Marie, Michigan on Setpember 24, 1913.  At the time of his arrival, he has listed Anna Vukovic as his wife.  She
was also born in Austria.  Once entering Michigan, his final destination is listed as Ashland, Wisconsin.  We aren't certain of Mr. Vukovic's arrival in
Madison, Illinois nor what brought him to our area.  His travel documentation, as well as his death information, lists "Laborer" as his profession.  
Perhaps a better opportunity for work and for a better life is what led him, as so many other immigrants, to our city.