Happy May Everyone!
Spring has finally arrived in our hometown and the
activities for this month are in full swing.
This month is the season opener for the
"Melting Pot Market", and this year will feature more
artists, vendors and entertainment than ever before.
For all you Trivia Night buffs, you won't be
disappointed, just scroll down to see who will be
holding their events in the next week or two.
The "Pound Pets" Yard Sale will be held under the
Elk's Pavillion this month, stop by and help support
their wonderful work.
Thank you Jack Rainey for once again sharing your
fabulous photography!
Cionkos Meats Granite City Illinois
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30th Anniversary Concert
Friday, May 4th
from 7 pm to 9 ;m
at the
Southwestern Illinois Campus
4950 Maryville Road
This is a free concert, join
us for refreshments & door
prizes..all welcome!
It’s that time... for those who can please mark your
calendars and join us on
Saturday May 19th
for our first 2018 community clean up.
Let’s meet again at the gazebo on Madison Ave at 10am.
We’ll move in both directions as we spring clean that area.  
If you can’t join us this time please watch for posts about
our future clean ups, or grab a group of friends and
tackle another area.
Brenda Whitaker
Curtain's Up Theater Company
Auditions for "Into The Woods"

Directed by Glenn Saltamachia

Auditions held on Saturday, May 12th at 10 a.m.
at the Alfresco Performing Arts Center
2401 Delmar Avenue

Productions dates are August 3 & 4, 2018 and
August 9th through August 11th, 2018
Contact Glenn Saltamachia at 77texaggie@att.net
June 1 and June 2
on Main Street in Collinsville
11 am till 10 pm
Free Parking
Free Admission
A 2 day event celebrating
horseradish and the community
Food . Entertainment
Little Miss Horseradish
Family Fun Area
Craft Village
This is a festival you won't
want to miss
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"This picture taken in 1907 is described as "Hard times in Granite City."  Mayor Morgan LeMasters is reading to
a large gathering in front of Childs-Anderson Furniture Store on 19th Street.  It was the depression of 1907.
At least 5,000 immigrants had come to Granite to find jobs in the plants.  This was the time the name "Hungary Hollow" was
changed to "Hungry Hollow".
(Photo credt:  Granite City; A Pictorial History)

This year's winner of the "Patriots In The Park" Essay Contest is 9th Grader Darcy Popmarkoff
This year's theme was "There Is No Place Like Home"
There Is No Place Like Home

I have always enjoyed traveling with my family, especially to places like Disney World and Universal Studios.  We have traveled by car, train and airplane to many of
our great states as well as several trips to Canada.  Each trip was fun and exciting in its own way, although I still feel the happiest when I am at home in Granite City!  I
feel that Granite City is the best place on Earth to live.  I know there are many places that I have never been, but I would put my hometown up against any other in the
whole world.  There is no place like home and I would like to share some of the reasons why Granite City, Illinois is number one for me.

First, our schools offer a variety of subjects and activities for every student.  Even families that cannot afford books or food are taken care of so that every child is
given a chance to learn.  We also have teachers who care about all children and treat everyone with respect.  Without these wonderful and caring teachers we might
no grow up to be good and productive adults.  I have personally needed extra help at school and my teachers were always more than willing to take the extra time to
make sure that I completely understood the assignment.  Its wonderful educators like these who make our schools so special.

Next, my hometown has the best parks around.  The Granite City Park District offers so many activities for kids and adults.  I have participated in gymnastics, tennis,
ice skating, swimming, basketball or just walking my dog and looking at the beautiful scenery.  The gardens are always pretty in the spring and so well maintained
throughout the year.  I have a small park near my home that I can walk or ride my bike to.  We have even used the pavilion for one of my birthday parties.  It is so nice
to have this many parks that offer year round activities.  The parks are truly the pride of the city.

Last but not least, United States Steel Corporation and Lock and Dam 27 are two very important businesses to our community.  Without the steel mill Granite City
would not be what it is today.  The mill has employed generations of families and provided steel for countries all over the world.  Many people are unaware that the
lockk and dam 27 moves more cargo than any other navigation structure on the Mississippi River.  It was designed by the United States Corps of Engineers and was
built so that barges could by-pass the dangerous Chain of Rocks.  The lock began operation in 1953 and it can drop the water level from a few feet to just over ten
feet.  This allows commercial towboats and barges to safely pass while traveling the mighty Mississippi River.  Due to the locks great importance with transporting
goods up and down the river, viewing the lock is very limited for security reasons.  These two companies are the backbone of our community and they are a big part of
what makes Granite City great!

I could go on and on about why my hometown is the best, although I feel these are some of the most important features that make it difficult for me to hide my
hometown pride.  Having such wonderful schools to educate our youth, beautiful parks and recreation to keep up on a positive track and great industries to provide a
comfortable living for families, make Granite City the only home for me.  I still enjoy traveling to new places and meeting different people, although there is no place like
home and I am proud to say that I am from Granite City Illinois!