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Granite City Illinois
Madison County Lead Program
for Lead Paint Removal Services
in parts of Granite City, Madison, & Venice.
Possible new windows/doors while improving
home safety.  Must meet income guidelines.
Call 618-692-8940 for information
Patriots In The Park High School Winning Essay 2015
My Pledge to Freedom by Selena Perkins

When you make a pledge, you are committing to a promise.  In order for me to take advantage of my freedoms, I pledge to take advantage of all the
rights of women, to work independently, and to vote in upcoming elections.
Before gaining rights, women in the past typically were not allowed to work.  They stayed at home and were expected to clean, take care of children
and making sure they are as healthy as possible, and to make sure dinner was ready when their husbands came back from work.  The life of women
could be miserable and unfair.  I pledge to ensure that my rights as a woman continue to grow toward true equality.
I also pledge to help provide for my family by working a job outside of my home.  In today’s society, families would fall apart without the ability to work
with two incomes.  My family would not have enough money to provide for our family because life is more expensive now.  There would not be
enough food for my family and I pledge to always work to give my children a better life than I had so they can live life without those worries.
Finally, I pledge to vote.  A powerful tool, voting has not always be available for women.  Before the 19th century, women were not allowed to vote.  
This allowed men to oppress women.  With my vote, I will also pledge to research to best candidates, especially our presidential candidate.  This is
my greatest tool to help change the problems in our country.
These pledges are the way I will ensure that my freedoms continue throughout my life.  I want to make sure my children can grow up in a free country
where they can have the same choices as I have.   
Melting Pot Market Granite City Illinois
Granite City Police Department Neighborhood Watch
Granite City Partners For Pets
Happy July everyone!

It's Patriots In The Park Celebration time!  There is nothing
better than our Granite City Fireworks display, it cannot
be beat.  We hope everyone celebrates the holiday at
this year's 4th of July event in Wilson Park.

This month the Lincoln Place Heritage Association is holding
two fund raisers for their Heritage Festival.  The first is their
"Trash To Treasure" Yard Sale and the other is their Trivia
NIght.  All the information for both events can be found
lower on this page.

The Good Samaritan House is holding a Quarter Auction this
month, and our local Six Mile Regional Library is
offering adult computer classes.  See the details below.

As always, check back often, as all new announcements are
published at the bottom of the home page as they come
in throughout the month!

Happy 4th of July!
Tammy Hanfelder Nameoki Assessor
The 2016 8U
Granite City Braves
Try outs for the upcoming season on
July 25th at 10 am at
Tank's Training Facility . 1908 State St
Any players born on or after May30,
2007 are eligible to play
Contact Jason Aaron at
618.406.9115 or