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July in Granite City

It's the best time of summer in our own hometown!  
The Patriots In The Park Celebration is in full swing, showcasing our local
talent, offering hours of hometown entertainment and most of all, bringing
out our patriotism and sense of community pride!
Our fireworks display is the best in the area, that's why folks from miles
around  flock to celebrate the fourth of July in Granite City!

Thank you Patriots In the Park Committees & Happy 4th of July Granite City
In the spirit of Independence Day and community pride, we present the poem
"Saga - Granite City" by Gladys Chapman
Near a great and mighty river, stands a city small with pride.
Built by men of many nations, working shoulder side by side.

Iron and steel has been their trademark, with enameled pots and pans,
Many tanks and combat armour, they have sent to other lands.

When the threat of war loomed greatest, they were there to do their share.
You will find our young men fighting, for our freedom everywhere.

There are schools and there are churches, there are parks and sheltered nooks.
With a warmth of friendly culture and a wealth of famous books.

Seeking justice, healing illness, holding out a helping hand.
You will find our city standing, as few others in a land.

All together in great union, for we really love and care.
Not alone for those among us, but for people everywhere.

Yes, the city it is smoky
This so often, I've been told
Tho, the outer rim is blackened
Lies within, a heart of gold.
Did you know that Granite City has
it's very own military surplus store?
Fully stocked with authentic
military items from around the world!
For camping, survival and hunting...
check out Uncle Hump's!
Visit Uncle Hump's Military Surplus
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Patriots In The Park 5K Run/Walk
Patriots In The Park Idol Audition Information
15th Annual Patriots In The Park Car Show
Patriots In The Park Men's Softball Tournament
Patriot Paws Dog Costume Contest
Patriots In The Park Decoration Contest

Happy 4th of July!
Residential Entries
Dan & Rosemarie Brown - 3409 Princeton
Darline  Gavin - 2103 Benton
Marty & Nancy LeVault - 57 Janday Lane
Tim & Mary K. Wilson - 2251 Cleveland Boulevard
Bill & Judy Russell - 1204 27th Street
Rich & Karmel Fulcher - 2800 Grand Avenue
Randy & Virginia Vollman  -  2804 Warren Avenue
Anthony & Kimberly Petrillo  -  2250 Cleveland Boulevard
Nick & Cheri Petrillo  -  2230 Cleveland Boulevard
James Lemp  -  2221 Terminal Avenue
Donald & Nicole Harris  - 2738 State Street
Jeff Wallace & Todd Angle  -  2215 Lincoln
Mary Anna Kaminski  -  3438 Colgate Place
Karen McIlroy  -  3436  Colgate Place
Rich & Nancy Alexander  -  2243  Cleveland Boulevard
Terry & Jennifer Dutko  -  3329 Colgate Place
Joe & Diane Ribbing  -  3328 Colgate Place
Vince & Kathy Debevc  -  2425 Colgate Place
Nancy Bazzell  -  2425 Adams
2009 Patriots In The Park Decorating Contest Entries
Residential Entries
Charles & Joyce Alexander  -  105 Troeckler Lane
Jean Alkire  -  313 West Chain of Rocks Road
Bill & Jan Cassiday  -  2655 Cleveland Boulevard
Ann & Darren Mayhall  -  1608 Amos Court
George & Sharon Gordon  -  203 Voight Place
Chris & Butch Tappel  -  2127 Illinois Avenue
William Carruba  -  2238 Delmar Avenue
Randy & Virginia Vollmar  -  2804 Warren

Neighborhood Entries
200 Block of Cleveland
Amos Court

Business Entries
The Bank of Edwardsville  -  2502 Maryville Road
Prudential One Realty Center  -  1735 Pontoon Road
Century 21 Baily & Co.  -  2301 Pontoon Road
Century 21 Royce Realty  -  2023 Johnson Road
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Eric LaMarr of Pontoon Beach
(right) and friend Chris Hancock,
attended Marlboro's
"Burned Rubber With The Pros"
at Gateway Raceway,Thursday,
June 25. They were suited up and
accompanied a
professional race car driver onto the
track for several laps at break neck
speed! Other activities included an
obstacle course type demonstration, a
buffet lunch. They were given a bag full
of promotional items.
Click for all photos!
Congratulations to the
2009 Patriots In The Park Essay Winners
Great job!
The 2009 Patriots In The Park Junior Choir
who will be joining the adult choir at this year's celebration
on July 4

Introduction to Yoga Workshop

(located inside Brasfield Chiropractic)
2861 Madison Ave

Saturdays (June 27th, July 11th,
July 25th, & August 1st)
12:30 - 1:30 pm

Registration is required. Space
is limited-Call 618-877-4000 or email
to register for this workshop.

This workshop will include a short
discussion about the benefits of yoga,
as well as a short yoga practice.  
You will also have the opportunity to ask
questions regarding health issues or
injuries.  Please wear comfortable
clothes that are easy to move in.  
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Vacation Bible School  
July 27 through July 31
" Camp E.D.G.E. "
Briarcliff Pentecostal Church
1120 Pontoon Road     -  451-1555

K - 5th Grade
Praising God thru Learning and Song, FUN,
Snacks, Crafts, and Games!!
Don't miss the give aways to all kids each night,
Including a backpack with school supplies one night.
Happy Sweet 16
July 20th 2009
Mom, Tony, Noah
and all your friends

Andy's 7th inning, RBI single, on an 0-2 count, scored
the winning run for his team, the "Bombers"
and made them the Granite City Park District Atom I
championship winners. Great job Bombers!

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