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has elected to share a bit of his family history in Southern Illinois.
Let us begin in Mulkeytown, (Franklin County), where in his youth spent his earlier days on his grandparents (Joe & Mary Wiezer’s) apple-tree
farm. Another grandfather (Lonnie Minter), of Williamson County, sold produce in Southern Illinois and South-East Missouri. Sam and Gracie Hair,
(grand-parents) lived in Marion Illinois. Sam, was a devoted Union Carpenter Member at Local (#638) for 50-years. In addition, he was also was
a World War 1 Veteran, which battled in Germany, and sustained injuries for his patriotic duties for the U.S.  
Another ancestor that Ken speaks of, is William Barnwell (Great- Great Grandfather), where on November 27th 1842 organized Cumberland
Presbyterian Church, now the Gilead Church in Simpson, Illinois.  Church services were first held in his log cabin.  William, a soldier, also battled
alongside his fellow Union supporters in the Civil War. James Barnhill, a distant grandfather of Kenneth Wiezer from North Carolina, was noted to
be a soldier in the Revolution.
Kenneth Wiezer, is a participant in the National Genographic Global DNA Database project, which researches and holds the ancestry of people worldwide which dates
back well over 40,000 years ago.
 Please visit www.keniezer.com